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 D.A.R.E Officer Matt Hosteny

Welcome to the Hodgkins Police D.A.R.E. page. D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The program is designed to teach students about the dangers and misuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The students also learn different techniques to say no to drugs and ways to be in charge. Also during the year they learn the DARE decision-making model, which helps them make good choices.



During the year the students learn about positive alternatives and activities. Some of the activities the students participate in are raking leaves for seniors, decorating a tree in honor of the Village of Hodgkins at Brookfield Zoo’s Holiday Magic. They also go on several field trips during the year such as Fright Night at Great America, Chicago Blackhawk’s game, and a Chicago White Sox baseball game.

The students in the past have had several fundraisers to support various good causes including Village of Hodgkins food pantry, St. Cletus food pantry, Hephzibah Home for abused children, Kawasaki Disease Research Fund, and Children’s Memorial Hospital just to name a few. At the end of the year the students get to meet former DARE students who are now in high school who come to class to act as Role Models.


These role models speak to the students about the dangers of drugs in high school as well as the positive activities they can become involved in at school.

For more information about the DARE program please feel free to contact the Hodgkins Police Department at
708-352-4623 or