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The Investigation Division of the Hodgkins Police Department is responsible for the investigation of criminal activity in the Village of Hodgkins . This includes the following up on all crimes which are reported to the Department as well as the proactive work needed to combat criminal activity which may not be reported such as drug, gang and vice (prostitution, gambling etc.)

Our Detective's work closely with other Law Enforcement Agencies and is a primary conduit of information exchange with Local, County, State and Federal agencies as well as local Task Forces like M.C.A.T., Major Case Assistance Team .

In addition, the Investigation Division works closely with both the Patrol and Youth Divisions not only to accomplish its tasks but also to help the other Divisions accomplish theirs. Another function of the Investigation Division is that of Crime Prevention. Detective's give presentations to citizen groups, local businesses and schools on a variety of topics like Community Watch Program, Anti-Gang, Anti-Drug, Financial Crimes, Senior Citizen Safety and many others. 

The Investigation Division is supervised by Sgt. Todd Miller and consists of one full time Detective at this time with future plans of adding another full time detective.  Detective Mike Bennett  has been with the Hodgkins Police department for 4 years. Detective Mike Bennett was appointed as a full time Detective in December of 2008.

To Contact our Detective's, you can call 708-352-4623 or e-mail them at: or

In the spirit of regional law enforcement, the Hodgkins Police Department is involved in the following associations or taskforces:  

South Suburban Major Crime Task Force (SSMCTF):

Federal Bureau of Investigations:

The Village of Hodgkins Police Department is a member of the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force (SSMCTF).  This unit investigates major crimes that consist of homicides, kidnappings, and other forcible felonies.  The unit consists of law enforcement officers from local, county, state and federal agencies.



Detective Sgt. Todd Miller
Detective Mike Bennett
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